The definition of this Security System Installers is in its name itself. It means securing something with the help of a system that contains components and devices. It has a control panel that protects in case of burglars and home intruders. The Control panel is the one where all the integrated electronic devices were working together.
Who are we?
We Security System Installers have been designing and also installing CCTV systems since 2002. We assure you with protecting homes and businesses in opposition to theft. You can monitor your house/ property every time and at any moment with the help of your smartphone or computer.
How does it work?
1) Control Panel: It is the computer that turns on/ off the security system.
2) Door and Window Sensors: It is installed on the door and window. When the door is open, it opens the circuit connection between two sensors. Hence it alarms.
3) Motion Sensors: By establishing an invisible zone, it protects only the given part of a room.
4) Surveillance Cameras: it is used to monitor landscapers, returning children from school, can capture footage of home invasion, etc.
5) High Decibel alarm: The sound of the notice is enough for neighbors to hear. So that it can notify on what is happening in the neighborhood.
We do have the following security systems:
• Burglar Alarm Systems
• Fire alarm Systems
• Door Access control
• Visual Alarms
• Analytic CCTV
Our engineers are highly expertise, experience as well as trustworthy. Their advice will be depending on experience and honesty. We have an everlasting relationship with our clients to get the best security system. The areas we cover in Essex, Greater London, Surrey, and some parts of the southeast. We Security System Installers do have comprehensive CCTV maintenance that is services, repair, etc. Our Security System is one of the trusted CCTV and security solutions throughout London.