Signs of a bad SEO agency for your medical website

Once there are too many players in an industry offering the same services, there will be a huge confusion when you look to choose someone from the list. You could not choose anyone confirming that their services would be great. The same difficulty goes true for selecting a company offering seo for doctors also. Since almost every area out there contains at least one agency claiming itself as an SEO company, it is tough to find whether the agency is reliable and will solve your SEO issues. However, you can assess the reliability of the company by analyzing some factors of it. The company will show you some signs that make it stand out as a fake one.
Promises for long-term ranking
Whatever SEO tricks and strategies have been used to rank your webpage as the top for a particular keyword, the ranking will not remain the same forever. It will take only a few hours for another website to take that position due to minor SEO efforts from their end. So, if any company promises you of long-term ranking without deviations, you should avoid them. A reliable agency would say the reality and will ensure you update the webpage whenever it drops in ranking.
Link scam
Links will give higher rankings to your webpage. However, you should earn these links from relevant websites and you should not buy links for money. Most fake SEO companies would show better results by buying links from some websites. These links will stay there only for a specific time. Afterward, the site owners will remove these links and your rankings will fall. However, you would have to pay prior itself. It will end up in losses. So, you should avoid companies offering link-building schemes for money.

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